Referral program for this site?

Can we get something like a referral program so everyone that will bring somone here can get like 1PPC or something?

Yeah this is something I was considering in fact and looked into a little, should be possible so i’ll add it to my list

Many thanks for the suggestion


Added referral program to the site :slight_smile:

Let me see how it plays out, but thinking sign up 10 people that make at least 2 posts each and I’ll pay you 5 PPC.


Where is it? I will bring you 20 :stuck_out_tongue: Btw if you want make a Greek subforum :wink:

Your referal link is on your profile page. Click it and you will see a field Referal Link. Send them that and then when they sign up through your link your referal count (field above the link) will increase :slight_smile:

I’ll make a Greek Local section as well.