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About me

My name is John Manglaviti, I was involved in organizing the Feathercoin community since April. I’m a network engineer/vCIO by trade 8am-8pm and have a small Cisco training business that I’m trying to rebuild over the weekends. Although I have a small development background, I found my project management and marketing skills seemed to make the most impact. I love crypto and really grateful to be involved in this community.

** Will modify throughout the day as time becomes available **

About Me
Currently an undergrad Computer Scientist. Have experience with most popular languages but my favorite is Python, and then Python + Flask for web apps. My *nix skills are pretty good now that I’ve been working Bitcoin for a while.

Peercoin Role
Peercoin badly needs a good web presence. Just built out the website, and hopefully we will have that up soon. I’ll continue to make improvements as time goes on. Have one commit in, but would love to work on some good stuff int he development part of Peercoin.

Other projects / experience
I have a few commits in the the Bitcoin source. Also working on some petty cool websites and projects in the Bitcoin space. Built and ran a faucet software for Terracoin for a while, hoping to launch it for Peercoin or Primecoin instead. Have a cluster mining Primecoin right now.

Ran a fairly large forum back in the day: http://forum.nystic.com/

About Me:
I’m Chris. I’m a designer, web developer, musician/producer, all sorts really. I’ve been using PHP, Mysql, Javascript etc for 10+ years now. I’ve worked on a few sites that involve using bitcoin and currently working on a couple of projects of my own.

I’ve also got 14+ years experience recording bands and composing my own music. I’m not sure how helpful that is but you never know :slight_smile:


Im Adam, im a motorsport student in the UK. I have an interest in computers, crypto currencies and engineering as well as media. I have done basic programming in Microsoft Visual Basic however I will be more beneficial in design projects. I have completed a general certificate of education in media and I can use Adobe Photoshop to an advanced level. As a motorsport student I also have a good knowledge of 3D and Parametric Modelling.
I have allocated myself a small task of creating a paper wallet for PPC however I could do with some help from someone who knows about the programming to generate keys and QR codes.

I have 2 Radeon 6870s mining PPC at 280-300Mh/s each and I have just ordered 10 USB Block eruptors and a Raspberry Pi. I have free electricity which is always good :slight_smile:


About me
My nickname is originally Intel but since it’s very common and usually taken everywhere so I use chemicstry (Yes the spelling mistake is intended :smiley: ).
A hard gamer. This keeps me from working on more important things :-[

Peercoin Role
Running http://ppcoin.d7.lt/ pool. Applied for developer position too.

Other projects / experience
A lot of programming experience, mostly from games. Had world of warcraft (TrinityCore is a true masterpiece, this is where I learnt a lot about C++ and coding style), source games, lineage, minecraft and a lot more other game servers but no long term one. Probably because they are just my programming playground until I get bored and move to the next game :smiley: Currently working on javascript based runescape bot. I know that’s silly but it’s quite interesting experience :slight_smile:
Languages that I know well: C++, PHP, Javascript, HTML.
Languages that I have dealt with: lua, pascal, python, ruby, java, sourcepawn… Can’t really name them all, I like trying new things
I also dream of setting up a datacenter one day ::slight_smile:

Hey all, nice to read up and get an idea of who everyone is and their backgrounds.

So, a little about me:

Originally from London, I am currently studying Economics at University in Bristol, UK. I first got interested in Bitcoin after watching the great rise and crash back in April 2012, and have got interested in alternative currencies (Peercoin and Litecoin) ever since. I have always wanted to mine but for various reasons have been unable to (shitty gpu/cpu, missing the early hashrate boat, being a poor student etc).

Economics is ma thang. I take far too much interest in current affairs, investment, trading, banking for my own good. So if you ever want anything economics related (investment strategies/pricing strategies/costs etc) I’m your man. I always have some wild and crazy ideas for making a quick buck, so if I post them its best to ignore them as they will likely fail :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

Looking forward to working with you all.


About me
I am NinjaFocus. I am a mobile apps developer (iOS) for about 1.5 years. I know Bitcoin for over 3 years. But during that time I didn’t pay too much attention as the stuff they discussed in the forum was very technical on GPU and CPU. I was not interested to do too much research on that which I regret now.

So, I am a newbie in this Cryptocurrency. But, I know enough to know that this will be the digital currency of the future and we are still at the very beginning stage.

Peercoin Role
No role at the moment. Hope to develop some mobile apps in the near future.

My Thoughts
Personally, I think that if we want Peercoin to succeed, Community is the most important factor. I like Peercoin because I can see that we have a good community here comparing with the other alt coin. But, we can still be better. We should try our best to build a strong community.

So, I believe that everyone (especially the activists) has to be really good and Focus on what they are doing. We have to come out with some Plans. We should have Organisation structures and job roles for everyone who wants to participate. Just like any company, we have top management, investor relationship, managers of each department, team leaders and then normal employees. We can have some kind of structure like this but may be with some cool names.

Just examples and temporary names:-
Top Management

  • Come out with plans, milestones, organisation structures, always check with the managers to make sure that their teams are in the right track.

Investor Relationship

  • Try to get funding, donation from top miners. I bet there will be some people who hold over 100k of PPC. If they are willing to donate like 5% of their holdings. This coin can be used to help in other part of the organisation. With the right use of the donation, I believe that the value of PPC will increase. The donation can be used to pay some other people in the organisation that do not have the mining skills. Of course, the people who get paid must really show that they are doing a good job.

Business people

  • Try to get online and local merchants to accept Peercoin and etc.

Public Relation

  • Promote, Promote and Promote.

Information Technology (eg: website, Mobile Apps)

  • Focus on technology. Make sure that the technology can be integrated well with the coin. Apps that people want to use to transfer coin? Buying items from Merchant?

Anyone who shows substantial contribution to the community should be paid for what they are doing. With this, I believe it will definitely attract more people to contribute. Every body loves reward.

Personally. I want to focus only on developing mobile apps for Peercoin. I can spend my time doing research on mining, buying some gadgets, do testing, do trading. Or I could spend my time doing other freelance jobs and just use the money to buy coins and keep for a long term. what is my contribution to the Peercoin? What is my contribution in helping pushing the value of Peercoin? Not a lot.

I think I can do a better job on focusing entire on mobile apps for Peercoin. After I know this market better and hope that we are able to brainstorm and come out with a good mobile app that everyone will love it.

  1. A mobile apps that transfer coin from 1 person to Merchant?
  2. A mobile apps that act as a marketing tool?
  3. A mobile game that contains Peercoins?

If I do a good job on mobile app, I hope the community will pay me in return. :smiley:

About me
I am CoinBadger a geek by trade for the last 17 years, and by choice for the last 30 years with a broad range of experience. My day job deals with large scale networks and researching the future of those networks. Please reach out to me if you have ideas you want to bounce off someone or need help with a project or task.

Look forward to helping evolve peercoin to the eco-currency of the future.


About me

I am an academic, in biochemistry and cell biology. Mostly, I’m a wet-lab experimentalist but have some familiarity with computing (Unix on Mac OSX, and also Linux) which I enjoy. So, I don’t have the background to be of too much help, but there are simple tasks where having many people put in “just a bit of time” could make more than a bit of difference, so I can help there, plus offer opinions occasionally (I always have opinions and try to restrain that, though!).

I am curious about many things and cryptocurrency is my newest interest and toy. I enjoy reading this board and learning about cryptos, economics, computing, etc. I was pondering purchasing bitcoins for several months before I finally got PPC instead. My very first cryptocoins of any sort arrived when I was gifted 0.25 PPC’s from the PPC Giveaway in Dec. '13, and it really made me smile to see those coins in my PPCoin-Qt wallet for the first time. So, of course I bought some more. Peercoin is the cryptocurrency that has impressed me the most so far, both the coin and the community here, and I am very optimistic about its future.

About me
I am Fred. I have a Phd in mathematics and I am a mathematical and algorithmic engineer in France. I have developed algorithms and codes in C++ and java for 9 years.

As a mathematician, I discoved PeerCoin after the release of PrimeCoin in July 2013 and I appreciate the innovation in both. I am a little desappointed when I see those currencies listed as just some cryptocurrencies among all other that are just copies of bitcoin. I I think we should point the advantages of those two currencies over all others : low energy for Peercoin and scientific interest for Primecoin.

I am willing to help in any particular field where I am able to.