Reduce the list of exchanges on

If you look at, only four websites really trade PPC of any significant volume (more than 0PPC pretty much). I think it would be valuable to only list those four exchanges for now (plus Satoshi’s Vault, who have just added a PPC/USD trading pair and are committed to growing it as a Canadian exchange), so that newcomers aren’t frustrated by a lack of availability on the dead exchange sites.

Exchanges would read:
Satoshi’s Vault


I would have to agree. There’s no point in listing exchanges that have no volume.

Crypto-Trade has a bit of volume with the PPC/USD trading pair (I have bought some there). I think it is important to add all PPC/USD and PPC/EUR exchanges for direct buys of PPC for fiat.

Here’s a thread with Exchange listings:

One the one hand it might be irritating to find an exchange with low volume in such a list.
But on the other hand the number of exchanges shows that PPC might be more than a niche product.

And I’d rather point interested people to exchanges which don’t have a high exchange volume (at least not yet) than pay the price of focussing on only few exchanges.
I’m really glad that there are now much more exchanges for BTC than there have been in 2010 - directing people to the same exchanges over and over again could result in reduced exchange diversification :wink:

We could use that extra column to add some more information. Agree on a list of 5, and then post it to a pull request.