Redisigning the Percoin Emblem:Thoughts/ideas

I was playing around trying to improve my coin design and though the changes would make a great icon/banner. Really would like some opinions on this. The green and gold just doesn’t seem to stand out to me. I especially liked the way “peercoin” came out.

Alternative logos are always fun to share and play around with (I can tell you’re a graphic designer), but we’ve invested a lot of time getting the crypto market familiar with the green and gold. I don’t see the primary logo changing anytime soon, but that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile:

There are situations where a simple version of the glyph would come in handy. Is the source file (if it’s a vector graphic) something you would be willing to share?

I’m not an artist unfortunately. It was based off an image a professional graphics artist did for my coins. This probably would have been better for the coin at least. Sorry if this was out of line. I just liked what I saw.

Nothing’s out of line, everything we do is community-sourced! I do like the word logo one quite a bit, perhaps there are places where it can be used? It’s definitely an advantage for people who aren’t familiar with the Peercoin “P” logo.

I’m sure there’s going to be different styles of the logo to come out. Bitcoin has several different styles. Here is a simpler version someone made in this infographic…