Reddit Raises $50M For CryptoShares-Peershares should (have) be(en) able to help

How do we make some proverbial noise about Peershares that they can hear? The whole Peercommunity is so civilized we don’t shout our superiority* from the treetops in respect for the trees. :wink: I love the humbleness and serious attitude, but at some point there has got to be some degree of hype, doesn’t it? People who acknowledge the benefits of what has been created here and write about it where others should learn about us.

* Problem is they all shout they’re the best, but we barely whisper it outside our forums. Our hype is real, but how do we approach the world with it?

I made a reply in that thread with what I think should be done with Peershares’ website to attract more business.

i think nubits promotion is top priority now since it can show the strength of peerhares.
and yes, promotion is the most important in order to show off what great team is the ppc team :wink:

Absolutely, I think to be humble is right up to a certain extent - not when it begins to be detrimental to Promotion; Greatness ought to be put forth.

Video, site renewal, funding are keys - that all comes to seed capital;
Perhaps this could help: