Recover peercoin, just got my key

Hi Guys,

So I got Peercoins a long time ago. Someone I don’t have any .dat file anymore or the PC used back then with the wallet client. All I got is a “key” and I think I know the associated passphrase to it.
I just got the peecoint wallet installed. Is there a way I can recover it with jsut that information? Or would I need to have the backupfile from back then.

Thanks so much for any help.


Unfortunately you would need that .dat file with your private key. Your public key and wallet passphrase is not enough. Sorry about that.

What is your ‘key’? Like what form does it take, plz dont actually post the key here.

Yea I wasn’t gonna post the key. here is what it looks like:



maybe it is the wrong format, convert to other formats (WIF, WIFC, HEX, B64), can be done on when you click on the tab “wallet details” , but i guess it is better to disconnect from internet first before you enter the private key, or something

It tells me : The key I entered is not a valid Private key
But it still gives me a private WIF key.

What are my meant to do with the private WIF key to access the wallet?
I got the wallet from here:
I think now I need to find how to import a ‘paper’ wallet
Sorry I’m not an expert in this :confused:

Thanks so much fro trying to help me tho!

i think you should be able to import the WIF key in the peercoin wallet with importprivkey [your key] in the console

There is a video on paper wallets, which shows how to import them.

The importing part starts at 3m 40s:

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Thanks guys! I’ll try that and let you know if I got it to work :slight_smile:

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I get how it works now but the key I have seems not to be valid When I use it on it will say it’s not a valid key.

I got this key in 2014, back then I must have fucked it up and only kept the public key or something like that. :confused:

Any chance key format changed since then and I can convert that or any other ideas?

Cheers guys