Record Your Holiday Wishes on the Blockchain this Year with Peercoin's Mobile App!

Record your holiday wishes on the blockchain using Peercoin’s mobile app! All messages from the community will appear at


  1. Download the Android or iOS version of the Peercoin mobile app on your phone. If you already have the app installed, verify that you are runnning v0.7.3 (or higher) of the app. If not, download the most recent update.
  2. Setup the wallet and desposit a small amount for the fee, 0.05 PPC or similar.
  3. Copy the address on the page: PRS1nBeyB9FVGaFhpL7BG5ruuaNNrehBVA
  4. Go to the send screen and paste the address. Amount can be 0 PPC.
  5. Hit the switch to add metadata and fill in your holiday wish.
  6. When finished, hit send and your message will be recorded onto the Peercoin blockchain and appear on the website.


How to share only my message?

like this :slight_smile:


doesn’t seem to be working anymore? There’s a transaction on Feb 14th, but the website is not showing it:

Yes, it has been discontinued.

Why not make it a permanent site? I like the idea.

It was mostly a proof of concept for another project and was aimed only for the holidays.