Recent rises, ahead of bitcoin/litecoin, good or bad?

Seemingly on cue to some people’s predictions that 2014 would be the year of Peercoin, ppc has risen significantly ahead of the the other major cryptos and appears to have began to become somewhat unpegged from bitcoin. In the long term, and considering all factors, are these quick gains good or would you prefer a slow and steadier growth? Who would say is behind the current buying?

This was just a correction which needed to happen. Would prefer a slower rise in the next months.
Chinese are buying if you look at the hours of the increase. Europe is just waking up surprised. Pacific has been enjoying the ride :wink:

Other factors are:

  • Peercoin possibly on Mt. Gox exchange soon
  • Fears on 51% attack on Bitcoin, also huge jump in ASIC mining recently which creates inflation
  • Appreciation of quality of PPC and XPM
  • PPC getting attention of payment processors

and probably some whales with money to invest :wink:

No just something sinister.

[quote=“dirkmirk, post:3, topic:1312”]No just something sinister.


What site can I go on to look at peercoin charts by the min or hr?

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[quote=“dirkmirk, post:3, topic:1312”]No just something sinister.

I didn’t watch the video, and I hope they don’t get the attention they need in order to make it a pump and dump.This kind of stuff sickens me. Just let PPC take its natural course.

Does anyone know a site that I can see acurate readings by the hr? For peercoin chart?

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It seems PPC was just the first. Looks like alts are up across the board. Someone huge is getting himself a diversified package?

I shouldve bought a cple weeks ago anyone think its gonna keep rising or wait?

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I think 80% of the current wave or price action is just another pump-and-dump that happens every month or two for XMP
and 50% for PPC

PPC has a more pronounced trend, due to community action I believe. We are doing well but the price spike is mostly speculators’ work.

Agree, that it is mostly speculator work (80%), however these events will attract new money causing further price rises and new speculators. The Forex guys might take a more serious interest. Still standing by my prediction of $10 by end of January ( reply 176) which I did when PPC was still around $5,-

2014 will be the year of the breakthrough for cryptos. Once average Joe understands this and supporting infrastructure (user friendly and mobile clients and out-of-the-box tools for transactions for shops) is in place it takes off (2Q2014 I guess). It will also be the year of the big shuffle, where small and useless cryptos will fail and some will cry. A strong top 12 will form.

Only the concerted effort of multiple governments can still (temporarily) stop those developments.

Maybe it’s just people trying to make enough volume on BTC-e to get the discounted fees for the rest of the month…
If only I had that kind of money to throw around… :smiley:

Hmmm… I prefer a slow and steadier growth for PPC. Bitcoin development does the same way. We don’t need to rush things out, right?