Raspberry Pi Minting + Other Services?

Wondering if it would be worthwhile to include other services (via guides) to install on the pi in addition to Peerbox? For example, something like pi-hole to block ads and another service for vpn? This way users not only can generate coins by minting, though they can improve their local network security.

This would show the minimal computing and space requirements of Peercoin minting. Also opportunity for marketing if can get Peercoin listed on pi-hole site. Something like not only block ads, though get 20 PPC for installing Peerbox and minting.

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I’d install tor proxy for your local area network.

That’s an option as well. Any links to easy setup guides or projects?

peerbox does have tor proxy installed already, wonder how easy it would be to have an option have it serve as proxy for lan

All tutorials which are valid for Raspbian are valid for Peerbox, Peerbox is just an addon to extensive Raspbian ecosystem.

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