**Quick Guide!** - How to mine Primecoin


Hi everyone, i mine XPM since like 1 month with a pool, but i would like to try solo mining because recently i had bad results with the pool and id like to see how many XPM i can make by mining solo. I did everything in this quickguide but when i write ‘‘getmininginfo’’ in the debug console i have a primepersec of 0… i have a i5-3470 and was making about .015XPM/day with the pool. Does anybody know what i should do to get a normal primepersec?? when i look at my cpu’s performance i can see it runs at 100% when i enter ‘‘setgeneratetrue -1’’…can it only be something like my antivirus or firewall? thanks in advance for the answers!


[quote=“David, post:1, topic:193”]Step #1: Download Primecoin Client here:

Choose either Windows or Linux version and follow the easy install steps.

Step #2: In the Primecoin client, go to “Help” > “Debug window” > “Console” tab > type “setgenerate true -1” to use all of your cores or “setgenerate true 4” to use 4 cores, etc.

Snapshot of step #2 :

Step #3: Type “getmininginfo” into the debug window to see your “primespersec” (mining rate)

Snapshot of step #3:

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I did as you show and it does indeed up my CPUs to max out. However, the setgenerateprime command doesn’t stick when I shut down primecoin-qt and then restart it. How do I keep mining after reboots? Do I have to manually set this variable every time?


If you want the Windows wallet to have setgenerate set to true when ran, following these directions:

  1. Go to Start > Run or hit Windows Key + R

  2. In the run prompt enter in %appdata%/primecoin.

  3. In the window that opens, right click in the white background and say New > Text Document.

  4. Rename the file from New Text Document.txt to primecoin.conf

  5. Right click on Primecoin.conf and select Open With.

  6. Select Notepad.

  7. Enter in the value “gen=1” into window that opens up.

  8. Press Ctrl + S or go to File > Save.

I have verified these steps to be accurate on Windows 8.1. The only parts that could vary depending on the operating system is the path to where the Primecoin folder is and how to open the primecoin.conf file in notepad.

These instructions also assume you don’t already have a primecoin.conf file. If you have not made one already, there probably isn’t one. If you have then you can probably figure out from the directions that you need to add “gen=1” to the config file.


Thanks! I’m running Linux but modifying my /home/user/.primecoin/primecoin.conf file and adding a line with “gen=4” worked!


Sorry to up an old post like that but I’ve been using this guide to get started (Thx by the way !) and I’ve been mining for a full week with a primepersec rate of roughtly 300 and when I got back there was simply 0.00 XPM on my account…

I just wanted to know if it was normal and I’ve been a foul thinking that I could get XPM so easily or if there is a problem with my miner…

Thanks !



Good day!
I am looking at the file debug.log
tell me please, what meaning this string:

getblocks -1 to 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 limit 500

chainstats 1ch: 45628 2ch: 4274 3ch: 416 4ch: 38 5ch: 2 6ch: 1

thank you


Can anyone help me… setgenerate true -1 is not working on debug window

Method not found (code -32601)

please support