I just started mining with i7 4930k and have this as a result:

Can You please tell me how many chains per day do I make(all over Internet says I should make 3.050 but does Not seem so as evident by the picture),on what period is the payout and how much should I get?

BTW-just got:

submitted share-Rejected!

But I didn’t change anything,is that an error?

most likely caused by networking issue on ur PC and slow internet connection. Not much u can do, and not a problem with your setup so long as u get some accepted.


My Internet is really fast,I have over 6,5 MB download.

The upload is half.

Can You tell me something about the profitability?

And how many chains/coins per day am I making now?

I’ve seen what is online(3,050 chains per day for my processor).Is that true?


Lot of variables. System speed, internet connection, pool, exchange rates, etc. I suggest you just let it run, and find what your average rewards are from the pool.