Questions about impending 0.5 release / feature request

I ask this because Peerbox project, I plan to implement some new features and I want to know what to expect with next release.

What interest me the most will following features be present with next release:

-disablewallet; when daemon is stared with this option it will not try to generate wallet.dat, this is useful for nodes (saves time and SD card writes)

-walletnotify; will call a command on receiving transactions that affect the wallet

Following two since I plan to integrate TOR.

-socks= Select SOCKS version for -proxy (4 or 5, default: 5)

-onion=ip:port Use separate SOCKS5 proxy to reach peers via Tor hidden services (default: -proxy)

Since I already use it via systemd, another debug.log is redundant. I can use system wide log.

-printtoconsole Send trace/debug info to console instead of debug.log file

Yes! Compatibility with TOR should be a priority in v0.5

Those sound like reasonable requests (and useful functions) to me.

GLV’s pull request for Peerunity covers the -socks functionality (along with IPv6 support), so it should be a model that can be extended to a pull request for Peercoin core.

Currently v0.5 branch (develop) is on bitcoin v0.8.6. So these should be functional:

[quote=“Sunny King, post:5, topic:2606”]Currently v0.5 branch (develop) is on bitcoin v0.8.6. So these should be functional:

Nice, thx.

Any thoughts on the -onion and -disablewallet features that have not yet been addressed?

Possibly those were introduced in bitcoin vX.X which comes after 0.8.6.

Is there a time frame for V0.5 release?

Not that I’m aware off.

I was robed of 568 coins and watched before having the first confirmation, I think if I had the ability of reversing before first confirmation I would never tell this story. It’s easy to get robed of a crypto than fiat. Crypto is only protecting the receiver but not the sender and there are lots of bad people at both ends. I believe that will give crypto holders more sense of security against malicious vendors too or in my case being robed.