Propose a DEV fund

Dear PPC community

I Propose to create and manage a PPC DEV fund, out of which considerable bounties can be paid, to get on board development and good people interested in PPC. Much like LTC is doing at the moment.

for why this works and how it can attract and keep talent, see wtogami reply to my views.

It open to anyone to donate.

Think of it as a long term insurance and investment in your PPC holding

I am open to ideas, essentially a lot of this would be at Sunny’s disposal to choose what to do.

The address for the fund will be


I am thinking of sending 1000 PPC there to kick the fund off!

I am also considering accepting LTC/BTC as I don’t want to get a large fund that has to be sold into PPC to get work done. But more on that later on.

(I am in BTC Talk under the same name)