Promoting XPC in China

I recently read that China leads the world in bitcoin mining, which as we all very well know consumes copious amounts of energy. Enter XPC (peercoin). I believe now would be the perfect time to launch an aggressive marketing campaign to raise awareness about XPC’s unparalleled energy efficiency with respect to mining/minting to the people of China. I believe this campaign could facilitate the paradigm shift that one of the xpc devs recently predicted. This could spark the switch to POS that appears inevitable at this point. This would garner the attention that XPC deserves moving forward. Could we explore this?


It is a permissionless space. All initiatives are welcome :slight_smile:

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I am well aware that this a “permissionless space.” I am not asking for permission to do anything. Since a good number of crypto platforms use some of their monies to market and promote their coin, I was thinking XPC could do the same. So in essence, this was a question directed to the devs.


We don’t have much tradition paying for publicity.

We dont have much tradition of having monies to pay for stuff with.

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Do you have a plan and/or an idea of the help that you need?

The are several community members that have publicly offered volunteer time to help with Peercoin. I think if there is a plan in place you would get some volunteers to help with your efforts.


This being a permissionless space also implies that you’re empowered to take action yourself. We have peer4commit website where i believe there already is a donation pool for marketing. You could find like minded individuals with experience in the field of marketing that may be interested in taking up the mantle?

I agree that this crypto is vastly undervalued and under appreciated because everyone is so busy with their greedy eyes on the big guy BTC and hopes of making some quick cash.

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YES, “take action yourself” may be rezultative. I asked support many times for adding PPC/USD, and they added, after somme arguments.
China don’t like POS. they prefer to sell miners and not promote POS (PPC). They will add PPC only when PPC will grow, and people will undestand that always buying a new miner is a Utopia.

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It might be worth spending some PPC to contract a Chinese language student at one of our local universities to do a Youtube video or two on POS and XPC. Borrowing from Indicium fund, perhaps anticipatorily from the marketing funding series, could be a source (one suggestion among infinite possibilities).

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Yes, thanks for joing the discussion linalouise. I have just a couple suggestions. First, i think hiring individuals that speak fluent Mandarin that can create youtube videos to explain the basis of peercoin to the people of China. Expose the inherent flaw of bitcoin’s costly appetite for energy and offer an energy efficient solution, XPC. That should be XPC’s main selling point in China. Maybe seekout individuals on Craig’s list, Linked In. etc. Secondly, I believe getting listed on a Chinese Exchange like Binance would benefit XPC immensely. XPC should not only be available to the people of China but Korea, Japan and Singapore. All other Asian countries should also eventually be targeted. Thirdly, can we consider launching XPC as a rebrand of sorts? That is what it will essentially be with the launch of Peer Assets/Indicium and XPC as a platform. We should therefore promote XPC as such. Devs, could we use monies reserved for marketing of Indicium to finance this? Could you guys also facilitate getting listed on binance and other Asian exchanges? I believe it’s time to raise XPC awareness on a global scale, with the emphasis on the Chinese to offer a more energy efficient and secure alternative to bitcoin. Ideas are welcome.


Peercat, my thoughts exactly. We should be able to reach a segment of the Chinese population.

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  1. Mandarin translations of materials may be a good push. As for youtube videos, we really need some in english as well. I’d been hoping someone would take up this initiative.

  2. Getting listed on Binance would be great.

  3. We are moving toward an XPC rebrand. Indicium cannot help with Peercoin marketing.


There is a reddit user bluemooncrust8 that is willing to put up $300 in PPC for a treasure hunt and seeking ideas.

Just tossing this idea out there.

What if there were

a couple of introductory videos to target the Chinese market?

some tutorial type videos for PeerAssets and the scripting capabilities?

culminating in the treasure hunt with the PPC as reward?

STEM is great, disposable income, and ability to run Peercoin on their personal devices (as compared to Bitcoin mining).

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Ok, a rebrand sounds fantastic. How do we get listed on binance? Working on creating a youtube video in English.

Yes, introductory videos in Chinese would be great! Any ideas on how to facilitate this? You mentioned members of the community would be willing to assist. I am willing to contribute financially if others in the community are willing.

I quite like this video, from 2013, as an explanation as to the energy issues, bitcoin vs PPC

It is probably out of date now, and needs modification (or a companion video) to explain v0.6 and v0.7 aspects, but this is the video that first made me “get” the point of peercoin vis-a-vis bitcoin.

The text could be worked upon in English, and then translated into Chinese/Mandarin.

Nice choice of music, too.

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This is a great idea. I think the first thing to do is update this video to explain the different versions, as you suggested, and make it current. In a quick search of my local area, I’ve found people advertising services of translating documents from English to Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, and Ukrainian. It shouldn’t be difficult to find translators for Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, etc. If we could release this video in an updated form in 10 different languages, it might be enough of a seed to help XPC grow into the supranational currency that it is.

If we can find interest in particular markets, we can make further marketing materials targeting them.

Yes! This is a great start. We will work on updating the video in English.

I pulled the text from the video. Hope this can provide a start that can refine the text we want and then add the translations.