Project Ideas

Anybody knows how to measure the total number of minting coins on the network?[/quote]

Calculate how many POS blocks should be found by a bunch of stakes based on how many coins these stakes have, and compare with how many blocks these stakes actually find in a period of time. I did that with 0.5M coins in a single address over five days here. The calculation had some assumptions but the result should be in the ball park.

He are some graphs showing PPC block stats over the last 60 days:

POS and POW rewards:

Stake amounts :

Do these number seem correct? What should I do next?

Any help and guidance will be greatly appreciated.

don’t really know, but maybe a PoS difficulty chart is related?

Yep, that’s a good idea. What is the best way to calculate the avg POS difficulty for a day? At the moment, I’m just calculating the average POS difficulty related to the number of POS blocks. Will add it soon to the graph.

This new Fusion table will be updated automatically everynight with new data from the previous day:

Data has been imported from january 1st 2014 and “coinage destroyed” stats were added:

FYI: ma7 and m30 suffixes mean moving average for 7 and 30 days.

Nice! Thanks for the great work.

Doesn’t every block contain its difficulty?

I love those waves, ty mably.

Yep of course, but you can calculate the daily average related to the number of blocks (what I do currently), the reward amount or the stake amount for example.

Just added a few stats to the Fusion table: daily nb of POS/POW blocks, POS/POW blocks ratio and transation fees.

(Moving averages for 7 and 30 days)

Added a new chart showing the daily number of Peercoin transactions:

It shows an impressive decline since last january, and still no sign of reversal.

Mably, how does that graph look over the past year? The January horizon matches a declining price timespan, so it makes sense, from that perspective.

I have started to import the previous months data in my site database, I’ll tell you when it’s done.
Hoping I won’t go over the Google App Engine datastore storage free quotas, it’s already over for read and writes :slight_smile:

Here it is with data going back to the beginning in 2012: