Project closed. Person found. Thank you to everyone!

Project closed. Person found. Thank you to everyone!

What is the diference from Peercoin, or it is a duplicate ?

Hope you could find someone sutible for this test, fighting!

Thank you very much. We really appreciate the support!

Is this just a project for fun or a learning experience? It’s not a good idea to launch a blockchain if you don’t have the knowledge or ability to maintain or upgrade it yourself, especially if you plan on selling tokens, since it will put real people at risk for financial loss. Why not just support an existing project instead such as Peercoin?

Thank you for the comment. To explain, we have multiple resources internal and external with a staff of 10 developers and growing. They know software development, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. They have already produced what we need. However, we want to double check with Peercoin specific experts on this forum to insure everything is perfect. From our internal testing everything works correctly, but due to our own policies, we have to conduct an external audit of the code to be sure. Peercoin is fantastic and we will definitely support the efforts on this forum and Peercoin itself. Thank you!


Hello again!

We had a meeting today and decided to support Peercoin and the community as I have detailed in my post reply to you. We would like to make a $5,000 contribution to your efforts and others in the community you deem necessary. We can make the contribution in Bitcoin or via Paypal. (Unfortunately we do not have any Peercoins at this time). Thank you all again for creating Peercoin. It is really fantastic.

Best Regards,



Hey thanks! I’ll talk about this with the team and get back to you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here you go…


Thanks again for this. We’ll put it to good use!

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1.136 BTC sent (approx $5,000). Thank you again, we are glad to help. Keep us updated and if there are other useful or important projects that needs help, please let us know!