Problems with cloud mining

Hi Everybody, i’ve create a Droplet with DigitalOcean and i have followed the guide on (mine cloud) but when i insert this command

git clone && cd ~/primecoin/src && make -f makefile.unix

i get this error:

make: makefile.unix: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target ‘makefile.unix’. Stop.

Can you help me ?
Thanks a lot


The primecoin client I usually use is GitHub - mikaelh2/primecoin: Primecoin High Performance

Assuming you’ve installed the dependencies you should be able to run that cd ~/primecoin/src && make -f makefile.unix command to compile it :slight_smile:

I don’t know anything about that xolominer but if you really need it the build instructions look like:

Building xolominer
Use CMake to build. Usually: mkdir bin && cd bin && cmake .. && make
libssl (SSL Support)
libboost (Boost C++ Library)
libgmp (GNU Multiprecision)

Also, I think most mining is done with GPUs now. This pool (and their GPU client) was good the last time I tried it

hey there,
I am using digitalocean as well to do some primecoin mining, however, when i open the console and type in user: root
then it asks for password and i can’t input anything, has anyone had this issue? is it a browser issue or does it make a difference if i’m doing it from a PC or a MAC, i’ve tried both OS and same issue.
Seems pretty basic, but i can’t type ANYTHING!
any help would be greatly appreciated!

Just type your password and then press Enter. Nothing will be shown in the screen while you type your password.

have you done primecoin cloud mining with DigitalOcean? if so, i am wondering if i’ve got it setup correctly now, thanks for the password advice, now i’ve got that done and i followed the instructions from here
however, i’m not sure if it’s working correctly or not, i am still waiting for my primecoin wallet to download, do i need to let that finish before inserting my primecoin address for receiving tokens?
I could use some help figuring this out as i am new to cloud mining and using their console and coding in general, i appreciate your help so far, let me know about the wallet and from there maybe you can help me figure out if i’ve got things set up correctly.
Thanks, your help is appreciated! When i get some primecoins, i will donate to you for your help.

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