Priority Item - Mini Press Release PPC being added to Vault of Satoshi

  • PPC was added to vaultofsatoshi today
  • We’re excited vault representing the 3 largest market cap coins in the industry
  • Mike Curry Quote “We’ve always thought of BTC as the Gold of Crypto Currencies, LTC as the Silver, and now PPC will be our ‘Bronze’.”
  • Some might balk at the ‘Bronze’ reference, however, based on current market cap, it’s very fair. Again, it helps brand us as the top 3 coins period to the general public. Once we start making moves, we can always positions ourselves as the platinum.
  • Talk about the growth Peercoin has seen over the last few months

Need help writing this, I figure 2 paragraphs should do just fine.

While Saturday’s aren’t ideal times for major press releases, it’ll be fine for a small crypto related item.