PrimeCoin's World Records! - Originally started here

Quote from SunnyKing:

I am thrilled to see the level of enthusiasms for primecoin in the mining market. I suspect maybe we already broke some world records but hadn’t the time to fully research this. So I hope more of you can keep an eye on this and keep the record book updated Wink

The Cunningham chain record book is presumably maintained by Dirk Augustin here:

The bi-twin chain record book is presumably maintained by Henri Lifchitz here:

Upon a quick examination I have found that 2CC09 is the first world record claimed by primecoin:

Block #2044 New World Record for 2CC09 (131 digits)
Block #5355 New World Record for 2CC09 (158 digits)

So for the miners of #2044 and #5355 please step up and give us a proof you are the miner and the name you would like to be written for the record book Wink

To look up if you are the lucky miner who mined a new world record you can go to help->debug window->console and type
validateaddress <record_holding_address>

If the validate shows ‘ismine’ as ‘true’ that means you own that address.

Cunningham Chain of First Kind
1CC0a (length 10) New World Records

block digits miner address origin
25180 100 anonymous AP5qb6ySFRYdJmefATxV739pcA3saBbzMR 1467571177564998134347102104951765467044820381099333204864098893454664132418114863035097366536546710

Cunningham Chain of Second Kind
2CC09 (length 9) New World Records

block digits miner address origin
2044 131 anonymous AJWaMGNiTzXaPPqYBeEATKEistd5uEFX9H 15746436948707162347681191092622506406480521554672382866529113365451686336191616303820985251295842020684640523576306336183730859560
5355 158 anonymous AHeG75PkSDxutnzPx8YyZcWLiPW2nw8FbP 65004063504559525007738276505391185322137155270201199057971076511954045665048965173722209501026611156768988779138868408914387452650147975793533060274322762630

Bi-Twin Chain
TWN0a (length 10 or 4-link) New World Records

block digits miner address origin
28769 100 anonymous AQRqYBNUuDZ3ZYX9pxAXT2EjQFSGvK648g 6270348046248842675134740667873621645608992111467171842614798336587708242682773905712237187238857800

Plenty of new records…
Primecoin has cleaned up all the 10 & 11 length records.

=== Current Records ===

   1CC    2CC    TWN

06 633 475 399
07 356 251 *268
08 186 224 177
09 185 *158 *129
10 *123 *115 *119
11 *102 *98 *100
12 42 62 47
13 39 33 –
14 25 33 29
15 24 32 –
16 23 28 24
17 22 25 –
18 – – 24
19 – – –

*Found by Primecoin network[/code]

The newest records is a TWN11, 100 digits

New Chain Type: TWN0b, Block 69434, 100 digits
End of block chain reached.

this realy is awesome and just creates the kind of positive talk that alt coin / bitcoin stuff was needing gtz again sunnyking and thank you for all your hard development work :slight_smile:

Now the 12 chain records are rolling in ;D

New World Record! Block 74722, Chain 2CC0c (12 primes), 97 digits Previous record: 62 digits

Just curious, is it possible to start adding these info to the primecoin wiki or the main page so it’ll be easier to keep track of?

let me introduce myself.

I’m the owner of the Cunningham chain world record list and have been informed by one of your members about Primecoin and the new Cunningham chain records which were generated in this project.

I want to congratulate everyone who participated in Primecoin and especially those who actually found these new great records!

I’m very glad to see that the Primecoin project increased the interest in searching for prime chains, something I’m doing now for over 10 years.

For updating my record list I will need as much details as possible, e.g. who discovered the record chains and when. In addition I would appreciate to get a short description of Primecoin (project and software used) which i can put on my webpage.

Best regards,
Dr. Dirk Augustin


nice to see you here at the forum.

I am not able to give you detailed answers on every question, since I do not understand the project completly. It is very complex. A good beginning is most likely the whitepaper written by Sunny King:

It is not possible to find out, who discovered the record chains, except he or she is willing to let us know. Additionaly those people have to notice it, which most likely didn’t happen. Myself discovered several blocks/chains, but i didn’t check, if one of it is a record chain. I doubt, that bigger miners who mine thousends of blocks will check it. Perhaps in a feature release some kind of notification could be build in to make people aware of the record chains.

Date and time of the new records is no problem.

I hope this will help you a little bit

Can’t you send a signed message to the ‘record holder address’ with some ‘curious’ amount of XPM? Like 3.14159 XPM? That would get that persons notice maybe…

chances are it was someone on a mass server farm at Digital Ocean or something and since moved the coins and would not know without checking and sending the coins would probably just send to addy not used anymore :frowning: but could be worth a try… though i think there will be a lot more records claimed :slight_smile:

I think if you send a block the original block is still yours because a new address will be generated for the reciever. You will receive a negative amount in your wallet.