Primecoin XPM - Social Media Team

Hello all Primecoiners and Supporters!

I am on a mission to get Primecoin XPM introduced to the general public.

Our goal is to introduce Primecoin to the masses of people who have never heard of Primecoin but the idea intrigues them to take action,
and start mining XPM with us! The goal is to use Social Media to spread the message about Primecoin, and this is where you come in!

I need a team of 100 people who will be committed part-time for organized mass-marketing messages.
I will organize in this thread, and I will simply post links you just have to tweet, it’s that simple. Pretty easy, right?
Takes less than 60 seconds to make a 120 character tweet.

Could you imagine if you were apart of a team that got #PRIMECOIN trending on twitter?
and if you were the one that showed the bright side of things in the Cryptocurrency world? The time is now, we need to get the ball rolling!

I am sure you already know, Primecoin has broken major world records since July 7, 2013.
In fact, Sunny just released a thread noting the 4th big new world record, and the Primecoin voice needs to be heard across the world!
“On September 10th, only two months after Primecoin started its operation, it achieved yet another important milestone with a record-shattering 13-primes.”
-Sunny King:

Here is what you need to get started:
A twitter account with over 100+ followers (must be 3+ months old)
A facebook account with over 20+ friends (must be 3+ months old)

How the team works/and organized
I will post a link to the article/press release, and tell you who to tweet to… the goal is to get as many tweets/retweets as possible with the @ and # symbols to get their attention. The more people helping us with the Social Media standpoint, the better it is to reach these articles to the massive.

How to get started
Simply reserve a message below by saying “I am in” and turn on NOTIFICATION messages so you can get notified of the next new tweet or message to send out.

This is my way of supporting Primecoin XPM and spreading the word out! I look forward to those who can help spread the word!
Let’s do this Primecoiners! Type “I am in” in this thread, and any message you’d like to become apart of the social media team.

My Twitter account is - feel free to list your twitter account below.

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