Primecoin wallet for sale

Hi there,

I have a Primecoin wallet that gains approximately $140/day (.28 BTC) every 24 hours from my miners @

How this works is:
I will collect $1000 (or whatever amount agreed upon)
I will transfer the wallet to you, It will gain at least $140/day
After the balance has been paid, I will allow it to mine for 1-2 days (or time agreed upon)

In the end you will end up making around $280 or so for waiting for it to accumulate.

Why: I got bills to pay, don’t have time to wait for it to accumulate.

I have proper trust on (and this offer is also posted there, fyi)

Due to the amount of trust I will be putting in the buyers hands, I will not be able to accept offers from people with little/no trust. I will delete the wallet after the sale has comensed and will depend on you for progress updates, when the amount has been paid, and when we’re into the ‘profit’ mining phase (the extra 1-2 days of mining).

And scammers, please, I’ve been around. I’m not an idiot. So lets just save us both some time and just don’t even try.