Primecoin v0.1.2 Release

In v0.1.2 release:

[ul][li]Miner performance improvement. This release includes several miner performance improvements, which have also been incorporated into several miners on the market. The official client is not expected to be competitive with market solutions, so serious miners should explore the current best performing miners on the market.[/li]
[li]chainsperday estimate is included in getmininginfo output. This stat is experimental so it should not be taken as an accurate estimate of prime chain rate of the miner.[/li]
[li]listprimerecords command for users to check all record primechains in Primecoin network.[/li]
[li]Miscellaneous gui and bug fixes.[/li][/ul]

This release is not mandatory.

Upgrade Instructions:

[ul][li]Backup wallet and take note of balance.[/li]
[li]Uninstall previous version.[/li]
[li]Set up the new version v0.1.2.[/li]
[li]Start up primecoin and check wallet balance.[/li][/ul]

Contributors to the release:

David L. Unger
Sunny King


Windows build ready at
Linux build is being prepared and will be published later.


Thanks for the update Sunny :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks for the update!

I’m aware it’s experimental. But is it supposed to show how many blocks a day one should mine?

If yes, in my experience the blockrate is far far below the chains/day rate.


I know that Sunny is not focused on Peercoin, but will be there any development on Primecoin as well?

Thank you! :smiley:

Pls dedicate for PPC, dont waste time in XPM

Primecoin is going to be awesome;
Sell me your XPM, I’ll take them for a reasonable price.

Hi Primecoins lovers!

Please tell me if i can mine primecoins with this item:

USB Miner U2 Antminer Bitcoin 2Gh/s
Mining agreement: Icuras support all virtual currency SHA256 algorithm

If its possible, please tell me what must to be write in bat file

Generic bat file for cpu-s , is now:
primeminer_x32.exe -poolip=POOLADDRESS -poolport=1337 -pooluser=PRIMECOINADDRESS -genproclimit=THREADS

For bitcoins, this item work in usb port, com3.

Huge thanks in advance !

You can not mine Primecoin with SHA256 ASICs, but you can mine Peercoin.

Thanks a lot sandakersmann !

Will you please send me a kind of guide or some links how to do that with peercoins?
Now I have downloaded peercoin(ppc) wallet (Qt version 4.4.7)and must to wait sincronise with peercoin network.

Please recomand me a miner to min with asic.

Greets from here (Romania Europe) !

Mining PPC is the same as mining BTC. You just need a PPC mining pool. (solo mining not recommended)

Cgminer and bfgminer worked with icarus in the past, but I don’t know, if the latest version still supports it.
There are a lot of mining guides for your hardware on the net.