Primecoin testnet node + faucet

Hi, I’m new here and new to Bitcoin/Primecoin.
I’m busy developing a Primecoin client in c# to learn how the protocol works, but I don’t know how to access the testnet network?
Where do I get the nodes from?
I set testnet=1 in the config file, but the block chain is 22 weeks behind and there are no connections.
Not a firewall/internet issue, connects fine to the main network.
Also, is there a Primecoin faucet so I can test transactions?

I have some testnet nodes up and running. Try adding this to your primecoin.conf file:

Thanks @mikaelh, I really appreciate it!

I started the Primecoin client last night and it connected without adding your node to the config file.
Had 4 connections, so I’m not sure if it was your nodes it connected to or it just mysteriously started working. Either way, I’m happy it’s working now. I can runs some tests on the weekend.