Primecoin Price Spike!

I just watched the price peak at .0148 on cryptsy.

Very unexpected, but good nonetheless! It seems to have dropped down a bit now, but is still hovering around .01. With the spike, primecoin saw a 300% increase in price in the span of one day.

EDIT: Looks like it actually hit .015999 before receding.

Yeah supply has dropped massively since the start and I have not mined a block now in 4 days + :frowning: so someone has some server farms chugging away… any sign of a pool that works??

I’ve been mining at for almost 24 hours now. I have a confirmed balance just below the 2 XPM min. payout already.

Check the community forum for the jhPrimeminer x64 beta miner. :wink:

All good thus far. They are doing 3400 confirmations, whilst they build up some pool liquidity.

I’ll keep you posted.

The guys that are running the server farms must be holding on to their XPM tightly for now :stuck_out_tongue: