Primecoin Paper Wallet

Ive used for awhile now and really like the design and layout of the site. Ive printed both Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets from here but Primecoin was never an option… until now.

Ive asked a good buddy to design the wallet (he does Photoshop on the side) and I modified the site to work with Primecoin.

My modified files can be found here:
However if you would rather make the changes yourself, grab the original from: and follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the zip of all the files and extract them to your local machine.

  2. Open the file ‘generate-wallet.html’ in an editor program (notepad++ is good)

  3. Starting around Line 92 you need to add a section for Primecoin. Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc should be listed already so just follow the same format. This is what you should enter:

case 'Primecoin': window.networkVersion = 0x17; window.privateKeyPrefix = 0x97; window.WIFPrefix = '6'; window.compressedWIFPrefix = 'P'; document.title = 'Primecoin paper wallet generator'; break;
4. Starting around line 154 you need to make the next edit. Follow the same format again and add Primecoin:

case 'alt-primecoin': setCryptoCurrency('Primecoin'); break;

  1. Starting around line 10537 you need to add a line of code that adds Primecoin to the dropdown on the main page. Enter this:
<option value="alt-primecoin">Primecoin</option>
  1. Save the file and you should be finished with the code.

  2. Download the image files called ‘back-300dpi-alt-primecoin.jpg’ and ‘front-300dpi-alt-primecoin.jpg’ from and put them into the images folder you extracted originally.

  3. Now open the generate-wallet.html file in a web browser and you should be able to create and print a Primecoin wallet.

  4. ****Be sure to make a wallet and test it by adding and withdrawing funds. If you entered the code wrong it could leave you with a wallet that doesnt function, possibly losing your funds for good.

Note: I also modified this for Feathercoin and posted the same basic thread there. Just making that comment in case someone notices and questions it.

Below is the wallet design.

Very nice :slight_smile:


Hopefully the community is actually able to use it. I think he did one hell of a job on the design!

Thanks for the good words! :slight_smile:

very nice and thank you for the work :slight_smile: just to add I am running a paper wallet here for primecoin as well