Primecoin Giveaway!

(This is a bit of a crosspost from the exchange sub-forum)

Thought I’d have some fun today, so I made 10 coupons for 1 XPM on Vircurex. First 10 users to PM me will get one.

If you’d like, you can sign up for an account using my referral link as thanks, but by no means is it required.

I’m happy to help get people interested by tossing out some free coins. If it’s fun and new people are getting excited about primecoin, I’ll probably do it again.

NOTE: Chrome seems to be flagging CoinURL (one of the advertisers on Vircurex) as a potential malware risk. I’ve seen CoinURL used in many places, so I’m not sure why it’s suddenly getting flagged, but something to be aware of.
This seems to be fixed now

STATUS: Out of coupons for now

PM sent! Thanks for the XPM!

Thanks for getting me started in primecoin. :wink:




Thanks, free coins also good…

It was since july last year. am i late?