"Primecoin" - Commemorative, Collectible Proofs!


12/20/13 UPDATE: Due to some gray areas in current US legislation, f*D is making the following changes until further notice.

  • Payment is only accepted via PayPal through the website
  • Loading of crypto to the proofs must be done by the customer (I suggest keeping the transaction detail as a printout inside the custom leatherette once the proofs are loaded
  • Pricing has been adjusted on the website to align with the new policies and also I have added some end of the year bulk purchase discount pricing
  • All reservations not yet paid for are being made available to the public

Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to be able to accept crypto payment and loading of proofs in the future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!




Photos courtesy of redphlem.






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#24 and 25 of 50 shipping today. Only 22 coins remaining.

Coins 1-33 and #50 have been purchased. Only 16 more left!

1-34, 47 and 50 now sold. Only 14 remaining.

Batch 1 Sold out!

Taking reservations for Batch 2 (should be ready for shipping early to mid November) - will consist of 50 coins labelled as “Batch 2: x of 50”
Reserved: 1-10, 13, 18, 20, 27, 29, 31, 50
Available: 33 numbers not yet reserved

Pricing and funding updated in OP ;D

#15 from Batch 2 is now reserved.

Why don’t you try on cryptothrift.com?

We’ve created an eBay like site to buy, sell and auction items for XPM, check it out… cryptothrift.com a Primecoin XPM marketplace and auction site.

Funding list updated. Batch 2 will be ready for shipping in 1-2 weeks. Thanks.


All funding for Batch 1 is now complete.

#12 now reserved.

#13 now reserved

Any left in batch #2 for XPM or PPC coins?

Would be interested in getting a few :slight_smile: What’s the cost at the moment?

[quote=“nox-, post:13, topic:401”]Any left in batch #2 for XPM or PPC coins?

Would be interested in getting a few :slight_smile: What’s the cost at the moment?[/quote]

Yes, I think there are about 35 XPM from batch 2 still available and 18 PPC from batch 1 available. If you go to the respective threads, you will find the reservations/availability listing on the OP. Cost is dependent on exchange rates at the time of purchase but a good guide is approximately $175 USD each (crypto funding included). Payment is via BTC, PPC, XPM, CGB or LTC. I can also accept paypal thru my website but if paying via that method, the price point is $200 each. Shipping is $11 in the US and $50 international. Thanks!


1-15 reserved. 35 left.

#20, 30, 40 and 50 now reserved. 31 coins left in batch 2.

#23 reserved. 30 left.

Arriving Wed, Dec 4th!

Batch 2 has arrived and all paid orders will ship on Thursday! Still 29 coins left.

All paid US shipments went out today. I apologize to international customers, I will get your packages shipped asap (most likely Saturday). Please remember when you receive to confirm with me the coin number(s) you received (x of 50) so that I can fund the coins. Thank you!