Primecoin - Back once again!


Beep bop power, with the ill behaviour back once again for the renegade master??

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Wildchild Baby!

Looks as if it is being taken seriously.

What’s the best exchange to buy PPC…? I just joined BTCe… seemed very easy… Is Vault of Satoshi any good? I just joined them too
but that was more like getting verified with MtGox.

How is the volume on Vault of Satoshi? I’m on BTC-E.

About 600k went over btc-e today, topped out around .095

I sold 25% at 770 (automatic mode) and bought they back at 490. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. A lot of people lost a lot of coins. :confused:

Very promising numbers :slight_smile:

Or someone is using XPM to pump and dump.

Yeah, that’s always an option…

Hopefully they don’t burn this coin with this pump and dump shit.

Well I got a surprise yesterday as I looked at the BTC-e graph. It had shot up from 0.005 - 0.0894 in a few minutes. Luckily I’ve been buying them slowly over the last few days. My RPi miner seemed to not want to work anymore… Still trying to get it working again. Works on my laptop but just for BTC at present. I need some help setting up a miner for it. I hold 52 at present. Seems all a bit strange really but I suppose not to be on the train and miss it is also a risk. It seems to be rising again. At $7.10 it still has a long way to go to join the ranks of BTC but who knows. I’ve done a lot of reading on PPC and I’m convinced it is actually a better coin. The only problem is if big brother fails so will all the others. I just missed the BTC rise from $185… I’m not going to miss this one.

I’ve done some new artwork:

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