Primecoin ASICS

Do you think it would be possible for there to ever be a Primecoin ASIC? So far the way XPM has been mined has followed the trends of BTC and LTC, CPU, CPU&GPU, CPU&GPU&ASIC. So if there were to be one when would it be released and what could be the potential for one? The only downside I see to that is a difficulty jump which would result in lower block reward which would more than likely discorage people from mining if they knew that the reward can randomly change if there are large changes in difficulty.

Not being an expert on this subject, but what I do know is that theoretically you can make an ASICS for Primecoin. Given the nature of the protocol it is still not cost effective to do so, as it would be complex. Over time technology advances and will become cheaper. So I don’t think it is an ‘if’ but a ‘when’. Can be months, can be years.

A solution can be to add further complexity in future releases, but I haven’t heard anything about such plans till date.

well, from scientific view it would be great to have asics to search for primes, it is really complex.
this can be the starting point of implementing asics for other various complex scientific algorithms
thus helping all the scientific community :wink:

ASIC is part of the program. It will contribute to the Moore’s Law. Since it seems that there is a 30 times decrease of probability of finding a chain as difficulty increases by 1, if ASICs increase total computation power of XPM network by 1 million times, it will lift difficulty by ~4. That is about to happen in 5 years from now according to this.

primecoin fpga about to be released:

site seems quite and still no real pics