Primecoin added to a Chinese Bitcoin exchange, sees a growing buy support

We have long been anticipating Primecoin to increase in value. It has long been our best investment advice to our members in the Cryptocurrency Investment Club, AND IT STILL IS. We started taking a notice of Primecoin when it was at its lowest of 0.0008 BTC per XPM, falling from almost 0.01 BTC per XPM.

Since our investment analysis clearly showed that Primecoin was the alternative cryptocurrency with the best growth potential, we wrote multiple posts about it:
Alt-Coins holding up, now climbing more than Bitcoin
Primecoin is STILL our best investment advice, recent actions verifies the shift

And now it has come to our attention that a Chinese Bitcoin exchange has added Primecoin as one of few coins to trade. The exchange BTC38 has been one of the key drivers of the recent buy support for Primecoin.

With this knowledge, we think its now safe to say that Primecoins (XPMs) will continue to increase in value over a longer period of time. The Bitcoin price seems to have stabilized and the trust in the alt-coin market is again a reality.