are you familiar with ?

As a part of learning how these addresses are made, I forked it and created this:

Though I am a programmer, I am totally new at crypto so we REALLY need someone to review the code. Not even a point registering a domain before someone have had a look at it.

Oh and it would be nice if the tests were updated too. :wink:

I guess we should replace the graphics too. Anyone up for it or should I?

EDIT: I have updated the graphics now. It could look much better, so if someone feels like it please do pull request or something :slight_smile:

Very nice :slight_smile:

I have tested a couple of addresses generated with primeaddress and everything is working like a charm 8)

You’re crazy dude :wink: - but I am happy to hear that it worked out for you :).

Its pretty simple to port addresses to new coins - its just switching the first letter. I had a look at the primecoin source to see what prefixes were used for main, test and scripts and so forth and so on. But Im totally new to crypto so well, I might have overlooked something.

I like living on the ege ;D

Actually primepaper is same person as pillow, but I’ve abandoned that username. I ask this just out of curiosity; did someone ever user this codebase? Would be nice to know if I added any value or not. Would also like to know if the code actually worked in the long run. :-S