Prime4commit evolution

Prime4commit is very similar to tip4commit and faces the same issues as described here:

Tip4commit has taken actions to fix the problems. So I could merge them into prime4commit.

But I’m wondering whether prime4commit should take the peer4commit direction instead. What do you think?

Yeah I really like the work and direction u went with peer4commit so you have my vote to go the same way with prime4commit

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I merged peer4commit changes into prime4commit, including the latest changes:

Thanks for looking after prime4commit [member=30141]sigmike[/member] :slight_smile:

Oh, having the “follower” count (watchers/stared) on the project listing page was kind of nice in the last iteration…possible to revive that feature?

Heh, last message for now. [member=30141]sigmike[/member] looks like there are some interesting pull requests that might be worth encouraging over in

Happy to see sigmike on primecoin!