Price-Discovery is a Public-Good: BNC Releases Free API's



[size=12pt]A public good is a good that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous, in that individuals cannot be effectively
excluded from use, and where use by one individual does not reduce availability to others. For the Bitcoin & Blockchain
ecosystemto grow, users need basic building blocks to make things relevant.[/size]

[size=12pt]Price-Discovery and Currency Conversion is a bedrock for many applications. We already have several
leading bitcoin wallets & companies using our API’s.[/size]

[size=18pt]We are now making [color=#41618C]Currency Conversion & Price Tickers Free. Forever.[/color][/size]

[size=18pt]Select currencies to convert between - there are 30,000 permutations.[/size]

[size=12pt]Our Currency Conversion API’s have clean documentation and logical outputs.[/size]

[size=18pt]Global Indexed Prices[/size]

[size=12pt]Need the price of Bitcoin or Doge-Coin (or over 100 other Digital Currencies) for charts or applications?[/size]

[size=18pt]We’ve done the hard work.[/size]

[size=12pt]We tap into all exchanges, and go through a robust methodology, to bring a true global spot price for any Digital Currency/Asset/Equity.[/size]

[size=12pt]Get pre-calculated results in any currency you want.[/size]

[size=16pt]Free. Forever. Enjoy.[/size]

[size=12pt]Click here to see API details.[/size]

[size=12pt]BNC will continue publishing new and useful tools in the coming weeks and months.[/size]

[size=12pt]The first set of premium API’s & Datasets will be rolled out as early as next week. This includes the Bitcoin Liquid Index historic and live data.
The B-WAP (Block Weighted Average Price) and much more.[/size][/center]