[Pre-ICO] BlockPay - Zero Cost, digital currency Point-Of-Sale systems - Phase 3

[center][size=30pt]Zero Cost, digital currency Point-Of-Sale systems[/size]

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[size=11pt]Hello and welcome to BlockPay - a team of FinTech and Blockchain enthusiasts who share the same goal of improving millions of people´s lives. The Blockchain is the most disruptive innovation of our generation and it’s up to all of us to make this happen.

We are happy to announce three awesome products and services for the Blockchain community; All revolutionary and groundbreaking in themselves!
Thank you for taking an interest in our work and I hope we can earn your trust in which BlockPay will build easy to use products for anybody so that we can all use digital currencies in our everyday lives. Join our growing community at the BlockPay live chat to get in contact with us. We would love to hear your opinion about our work!

Kind regards,
Christoph Hering, Founder & CEO

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[size=12pt]Connecting different merchants, whales, bankers, traders and individuals together on one public ledger raises privacy concerns. How can you, as a business, prevent blockchain espionage of your competitors? A lot of companies are afraid their competitors could analyze their daily sales volume, metadata, consumer behavior or daily turnover in every store. This would be an extremely competitive advantage! They now have to choose between a public ledger or a private ledger. We would prefer to offer them the third option, a public ledger that keeps their accounts and amounts undetectable.

Stealth Transactions gives anybody 100% privacy on a public ledger. Every balance and transaction is verified by the Blockchain but not traceable with a Blockchain Explorer. [/size]

[size=14pt]Read the official announcement about Stealth transactions… You will love the ultimate in privacy.[/size]

[size=11pt]BlockPay is a FinTech / Blockchain development company specializing in digital payment services. We are passionate Blockchain enthusiasts and want to provide easy to use software for everyone. We develop Point-Of-Sale and mobile payment software based on modern Blockchain technologies.

BlockPay have been founded by two experienced entrepreneurs Christoph Hering - CEO and Rodrigo Crespo - CMO. We employ an international team of +40 developers and various Blockchain & cryptographic experts.

We are growing fast and have now reached a point where we are opening up our platforms to all Blockchain communities. We prefer to unite the Blockchain communities and give them a broad range of products and services that match their individual needs.

Contact us for more information: info@BlockPay.ch[/size]

[size=14pt]A total of 100,000,000 non-dilutable “BlockPay” tokens have been issued and will be distributed for early supporters, bounties, and campaigns throughout the full period and timeline of the Crowdfunding.

6,500,000 ”BlockPay” tokens will be distributed in this dedicated Pre-ICO during Phase 1, 2 and 3.

All remaining “BlockPay” tokens will be locked away in a dedicated reserve fund created by OpendLedger/CCEDK (they are acting as our escrow partner) and used in a 2nd Crowdfunding expected to take place in 2017. The BlockPay team has no access to these reserve funds. We offer you in this Pre-ICO a special discount of up to 42% from the initial sales price of 0.0005 BTC/BlockPay Token[/size]

[size=14pt]Phase 1 starts August 20th, 2016[/size]
[size=12pt]We offer a special deal for our early supporters and current OPENPOS holders. We want to personally thank everyone who supported us during our first crowdfunding December 2015. We would not exist without you! We offer you an early access and a special buy back deal where you can exchange your existing OPENPOS tokens to BlockPay tokens 1 to 1.20!

How do you do this? Simple. Send your OPENPOS TOKENS to account: ico.blockpay on OpenLedger or other bts supported platforms and await distribution. Your proof of transfer is on the blockchain and this amount is deciding how many BLOCKPAY tokens you will receive. The special offer runs only from August 20th to start of Pre-ICO.[/size]

[size=14pt]Phase 2 starts August 23th, 2016[/size]
[size=12pt]BlockPay tokens will be available for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitShares (BTS) and Steem Dollars (SBD) and as well as multiple other digital currencies, using the ShapeShift exchange converting of all other currencies into BTC at a fixed rate during Phase 2 and Phase 3. We will move into Phase 3 when all tokens from Phase 2 have been sold.

All funds can be monitored at all times on the OpenLedger dedicated escrow account ico.blockpay and all BTC in this address are held in a multisig escrow account only to be accessed at the end of the ICO. All Escrow services are provided by CCEDK.

The Pre-ICO will end once the 5,000,000 BlockPay tokens set aside for crowdfund have been sold.[/size]

[size=14pt]You can purchase the BlockPay tokens at the Pre-ICO website:[/size]

[size=18pt]Option1: BlockPay.ch Investor Relations
Option2: CCEDK.com- it will say ICO LIVE BlockPay
Option3: Sending funds directly to ico.blockpay. Transfer date is the base for your prices.[/size]

[size=14pt]Limited Amount! Great discounts available in this pre-ICO, all based on Opening rate of 2017 ICO[/size]

[size=14pt]When are the BlockPay Tokens distributed?[/size]
[size=12pt]The BlockPay tokens will be distributed once all Tokens in Phase 3 have been sold. We offer you a special discount in this Pre-ICO. First come first serve.[/size]

[size=14pt]What do you gain from buying BlockPay tokens?[/size]
[size=12pt]By ordering BlockPay tokens you support the development and continued growth of BlockPay, Echo and Stealth.
With your help, we can expand the global digital payments network where you can earn, hold, and spend multiple digital currencies. Getting BlockPay to every grocery chain, retail, restaurant, vending machine or gas station isn’t cheap, but with your support, we can build this network together.

Holding BlockPay tokens allows you to share in the rewards from BlockPay transactions as well as value increases from products built by the Company.

[size=12pt]How are we planning to use the funds. Development and Pre-ICO timeline[/size]

[size=14pt]Christoph@BlockPay.ch · WEBSITE · TWITTER · FACEBOOK · YOUTUBE[/size]

[size=11pt]Please PM me for a translation bounty. I am looking especially for Chinese, French and Spanish translations.[/size]
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[size=14pt]News updates[/size]
We did a short Q&A for the upcoming Pre-ICO, answering some of the burning questions and showing our faces :wink:

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How to invest! - https://www.ccedk.com/ico/blockpay