[pre-ANN][NUD] New Universal Dollars - No Pre-mine - First Anonymous Currency

Hello there,

I would like to pre-announce New Universal Dollar (NUD). To guarantee a fair distribution NUD is being pre-announced exactly a week before the release day.

Special features:

  • Anonymity via Tor.
  • On-chain anonymity achieved via ‘delegates’.
  • 100% PoW
  • 0% Pre-mine
  • Kimoto’s gravity well
  • Neither scrypt nor SHA256 (original innovation), this information is witheld to prevent some people from gaining an edge over others.
  • 21 million coins max, parameters similar to Bitcoin.

The only truly anonymous and secure coin up to date. Our dedicated team of programmers are constantly working to bring new innovative features such as anonymous public keys, colored coins, improved anonymity protocol and so on.

The source will be released in exactly one week, please be prepared to analyze the source, compile the source and begin mining.

We strive to bring a stable, gold-hedged, secure and anonymous cryptocurrency for all your needs. Once the higher level protcol is completely finished we will begin issuing gold-hedged currency as a subsidiary, acquiring it will be optional and everyone will be able to issue his or her commodities.

More information will be released up until the release date. Don’t miss out on one of the top 5 major cryptocurrencies.

Have a great day!
-NUD developers

Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


What makes it more anonymous than any of the others? Whitepaper?

Anonymous than any other what? There isn’t a single anonymous currency in existence, Darkcoin has been forked which makes no more than a standard X11 coin riding on the hype. I am not aware of any coin that kept up to their promise of anonymity.

The whitepaper will be released after the coin.