Ppcoin-qt shows transaction amount of the change output instead of intended outputd

I have a ppcoin installation (v0.5.2 on win7 32bit) which I seldom run. Today I updated the blockchain in the ppcoin directory by copying the b*.dat and database/* files from my peerunity (v0.2.2) directory and deleting addr.dat file.

When the ppcoin-qt client I find the incoming receive transaction amounts are all wrong. The details shown for these transactions indicate that the qt is showing the change tx amount instead of the intended output which I actually received.

Is this a known issue? @hrobeers @peerchemist

copying database files is always tricky and error prone.
I guess your wallet.dat db got confused being not aligned with the block db.

Backup your ppcoin folder and try importing your raw keys in an empty wallet.dat file.

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OK. No loss.

Don’t try this at home children.