Ppcman's 700th post. A tiny celebration of just me. :)

This may seem a little arrogant and self-centered on me, please bear with me.

I’m holding my own little celebration. I realized I’ve made 700 posts to Peercointalk since I first joined.

[size=14pt]PPCMAN Date Registered: July 28, 2013, 11:20:37 pm[/size]

I came to Peercoin LATE… by the time I got here, the SHA256 difficulty for POW was already high. I mined what I could, and earned myself some coins… but I wish I could have found out about Peercoin a lot sooner.

In cryptocurrency, I’ve always read, investigated, and checked out the “latest new thing”. I do my research… I follow trends, fads, and what’s happening…

I always have this uncanny trust towards Sunny King and Peercoin, and have never doubted it. Not even for a moment.

I want to be clear about this…
It is not because I think the code behind Peercoin is solid, or the concepts behind it. I really truly do believe in what Peercoin is… You have to understand, Sunny King, was the first and only one that proved to the world that Proof-of-Stake was a feasible idea that could work.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve watched a flood of new posters rip Proof-of-Stake and Peercoin apart. They always say… The chain can’t work. It’s going to be attacked. Peercoin will never last. I’ve heard people even say things like Sunny King will leave Peercoin and not keep up with it. This is just another alt coin that will die like 100 other alt-coins…

None of that is true. NONE.

Sunny King promised weekly updates. Want to know what he’s done?
There are only 52 weeks in a year, and we’re up to “Sunny King Weekly update #207”.

Who does that as a developer of a coin? Who is that involved to this degree? It’s rare!
Peercoin has a solid grounding, a solid future, and if you don’t own some, I don’t know what to say.[/size]

Thats my post #700. I feel good about it.

Congratulations! May your next 700 posts grow in proportion to the Peercoin community.

Good to be here.

And I tell you that you are Peercoin, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.

Damn, that would have been a great first OP_RETURN message.
I’ll put it on the chain.

Thanks to PARS, it’s forever engraved in our chain in: http://peercoinwisdom.com/opreturn/53b79dff9c592d8377773c88eb46a1c692aad362db5985d49b30ea4bed0a0c9a