PPC/USD Trading on Crypto-Trade - Support Begins Sep 9th

PPC still doesn’t have a direct USD trading market. Crypto-Trade now support USD trading for LTC, NMC, XPM, FTC. I would like to see PPC/USD trading pair supported there too.

Let them know that you are interested in this trading pair as well. You can ask them about it in the chatbox on Crypto-Trade or pm Crypto-Trade on bitcointalk.

Update: crypto-trade began support of PPC/USD trading (Sep 9th).

Trading volume of PPC has significantly increased recently on crypto-trade. Let’s thank neotrix and crypto-trade team for their excellent support of PPC and XPM trading :slight_smile:

they added it, congrats

Great news, big step. Now people just need to start buying PPC to use when they purchase goods!

Hit spot price of 0.25 on crypto-trade now.