PPC/USD Rate now on BTC-E


BTC-e has just added the pair PPC/USD and PPC went up to $5.00 as of this thread.

We’re in the big time now :slight_smile:

Congratulations to everyone. Small steps @ first, now we are leaping!

Now just get http://localpeercoins.org/ working soon so we can have even higher traffic please.

this is awesome dude :slight_smile:

Nice Keep up the good work

Damn the price is exploding! Nice work guys!

yes just seen this, PPC looks really offers one of the best other class of coins to BTC.

PPC will be $100 each by end of 2014

it’s happening!!!

Alright! PPC is now more liquid. :slight_smile:

We have a lift off

Some people might be wondering why is this important?

Well, now PPC has gotten rid of the middleman (Bitcoin) and can now be bought directly with fiat/paper money.

This results in PPC standing on its on 2 legs where people will begin to analyze the fundamentals (i.e. programming positives) of PPCoin. This is a great accomplishment for the coin in general and for people working very hard to make this coin as great of a success as possible.

So once again, thank you :slight_smile:

  • Michael

Any chance of getting a XPM/USD pairing?