PPC Solo Mining Guide

I would like to start solo mining PPC coin, but there ins’t a lot of information about it online. Does anyone know of a PPC solo mining guide for cgminer? I would really appreciate the help. I like the way PPC is structured and I think it is better than BTC. I already have a LTC coin mining operation that I want to switch over to PPC. I want to help popularize it and distribute lots of coins so people will start using it. It seems like I can get a lot more coins solo mining than pool mining. I’m not great with computers, so if you have any information for me, please dumb it down a bit. ;D

So first things first: you can distribute “lots of coins” to me at: PDtK5uhST47D1W5kq9v92RyaAwNwYiHG9m

I do a pool mining on D7, but you can find this useful info on solo mining: http://maunderingcabal.blogspot.com/2013/02/bitcoin-mining-log-9-how-to-solo-mine.html

RPC port default is 9902 for ppcoind.

Good luck.