[PPC] Peercoin Weekly Newsletter Issue #3 - Released

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is this final draft decided on and i’ll ping it to all forum members?

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As the PPC subforum mod of 8btc.com(in chinese), I will try to bring more information of PPC to the Chinese public.
BTW: 8btc.com is emerging as the most popular website in China in terms of btc-related information and being approached by increasing number of Chinese medias like http://www.yicai.com/, http://www.infzm.com/ . Soon columns on

Check out the Alexa ranking:

[其它] 比特币及山寨币市值前五名涨幅排行榜

the coindesk article on PPC has been translated and posted here.

(出处: 巴比特论坛)

That is awesome redlee thank you so much, u have proven to be a great addition to the peercoin community :slight_smile: keep up the excellent work

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