PPC -- my worst investment so far in my life

I have invested more than 100k USD in PPC and now it worths about $30k. I start buying PPC at the price of $4 and the lowest was $0.28. I still have faith in PPC although the faith was much weaker compare two years ago. If PPC is really something special and worth to invest, how come the price could be so low for so long and no one pick up ?! A little got lost now :(…

And thanks God it has very low inflation.
I have the impression this will go nowhere until we get rid of those centralized checkpoints and cold minting is implemented.

What are you doing to protect your investment?

have patience, something is up, a financial reset is on the horizon, even j rickards talks his case for 10.000 $ for gold
when it happens, could be a couple years from now, who knows, capital will look for other safe havens such as peercoin

I agree, it’s a long term investment.
However, I do not have the courage to invest more than a few hundred euros in cryptocurrencies.
I too expect the wealth to be migrating away from the current super powers in the coming decades.
And since cryptocurrencies are not nation bound, they might be a good investment not to lose too much wealth when this happens.

Peercoin should be active.

and Richard Stallman should talk,(video)
peercoin open source.


Don’t be naive, economy crash will not save us. Even if that happens and wealth moves to crypto do you really think PPC will get more than specks of dust compared to other coins/platforms? Nobody knows about Peercoin, not even as inventor of PoS and the only coin with sane security/distribution model. People call it “downgrade crypto” as we don’t keep up with times. We did not even had official linux packages until yesterday.
We have lost almost all developers to Nu, and our decentralized governance project has failed (Peer4commit) as it produces little to none usable stuff.

We have so much to solve before people take this project (cryptocurrency) seriously.

As an investor one must understand that when having bought PPC at $4.00 the rate of inflation is not a negligible variable. It must be considered and recognized.
Immense initial selling pressure was expected and I actually believe now is one of the best times to start accumulating PPC.

Direct link: http://i.imgur.com/NyAZDRZ.png

If you notice the middle section where the OBV (On Balance Volume) indicator resides, you will see that PPC has experienced a continual increase. There is a considerable
difference in the OBV characteristics of PPC when compared to LTC or NMC. I mention these because they have experience the same market fluctuations as
Peercoin yet produce very different OBV trends.

If the closing price is above the prior close price then:
[i]Current OBV = Previous OBV + Current Volume

If the closing price is below the prior close price then:
Current OBV = Previous OBV - Current Volume

If the closing prices equals the prior close price then:
Current OBV = Previous OBV (no change)[/i]

You might have noticed that there are two dramatic spikes in the OBV. One occurring at the end of Sept. 2014 and the other in February 2015.
We must view the price range that existed during these occurrence as they will indicate where the largest investors bought in. I
have highlighted the major accumulation range in yellow. The range in light blue represents the break-out range.

At the moment peercoin price is => $ 0.412334 (-2.34 %).
Marketcap is down after 2014. :frowning:
Let’s hope that boost will come again in price.

Thank you

even ‘specks of dust’ would significant increase the marketcap which is currently just around 10M.

If you think silver is a small player, peercoin is merely 1/100 of that if I’m not mistaken.

But agreed, We have so much to solve before people take this project (cryptocurrency) seriously.