PPC more profitable to mine than BTC today Dustcoin link


[size=14pt]This site will tell you what you should be mining at any given time. Today PPC was more profitable than BTC mining![/size]

I would love it if other people could contact dustcoin.com and ask them nicely to change it to Peercoin and update to the new Peercoin logo. I did but I need others to as well to get them to actually do it. Thanks guys.

great news. will inform my miner friends.

look at the 3-month time frame to see it better: http://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/miningtobtc-btc-ppc.html

Keep in Mind that at this chart is somewhat delayed by about a day…
At the time of posting this it is showing the price of 1 PPC/USD to be only $1.75 and it is already about 10% more profitable to mine than Bitcoin.