[PPC] Jays Jerky and Goodies Now Supports Peercoin


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re: Bitcoin at $751.99 at the moment. PPC is at $2.13

Hmm… a 2.7oz (77g) bag of Jerky is going for 0.025 BTC = $18.79 USD (Hobo Priced buffalo jerky)

Glad to see he is planning on supporting PPC. If you click the Peercoin logo, it’s 5.75 PPC per bag of jerky, and 3.75 PPC for shipping = 9.50 PPC for a bag to be shipped.

So 9.50 PPC = $20.23 USD per bag shipped.

I thought Bitpay (which he is using) let you advertise in USD, but make payment in BTC and PPC ?

It looks like he’s statically quoting on his pages in BTC and PPC which isn’t a good idea.