PPC from Paper Wallet to Peerunity adress

Hello. I´m new a the PPC Community. How can I transfer PPC from a paper Wallet to my peerunity address. Thanks a lot.

Import the private key in peerunity.

Go to debug console and type:
importprivkey your_priv_key

and hit enter.
(make sure your wallet is unlocked)

Thanks but i get this two errors:

  1. unlock wallet
    walletpassphrase ljköljk 999
    Error: The wallet passphrase entered was incorrect. (code -14)

  2. unlock for minting only:
    importprivkey my priv key
    Wallet is unlocked for minting only. (code -102)

You arent entering your passphrase correctly (which you really should not post publicly). Also, you should lock your wallet before trying to unlock it again because you’re in ‘minting only’ mode. Use ‘walletlock’.

Thanks a lot for your help. I had a mistake in the passphrase