PPC exposure on Chinese top financial media

I think my description of PPC has been quoted in the following report.

Date: Yicai Daily - January 7, 2014
Type: Section
【ENG】Fortune-making history created by Cryptocurrency, will finance industry overthrown by internet?
URL: http://www.yicai.com/news/2014/01/3324826.html

“PPCoin由Sunny King在2012年8月11日预发布,8月19日正式发布。PPCoin的最大创新是其采矿方式混合了PoW工作量证明及PoS权益证明方式,PoS采矿方式仅需普通电脑和客户端就能处理交易和维护网络安全,达到节能和安全的目的。
截至2014年1月5日,点点币的市值为1.5亿美元左右,仅次于比特币与莱特币,排名全球第三。而创始人Sunny King雄心勃勃,称PPCoin的目标是超越比特币。一位点点币的资深玩家向《第一财经日报》记者介绍道。去年10月份以来,点点币已经翻了20多倍,从每个两块多人民币涨到了现在40多元一个。莱特币也在去年11月不到10天的时间里,完成了超过300%的涨幅。事实上,绝大部分数字货币都曾经历过或者即将经历类似的暴涨过程。“

Yicai.com is a Shanghai-based cross-platform (TV, Radio,Journal, Weekly, Institutes, Internet) media group that specialize in Finance.

BTW: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ppcoin/files/0.3.0/stats/map

Google translate:

Recent popularity of little coins PPCoin is one of them.
"PPCoin by the Sunny King pre-release in August 11, 2012, August 19 officially released. PPCoin biggest innovation is its way of mixing the PoW workload mining certificates and proof of PoS in equity, PoS mining method and just ordinary computer clients will be able to process transactions and maintain network security, achieve energy saving and security purposes.
As of January 5, 2014, little currency market capitalization of about $ 150 million, second only to the bitcoin currency and Wright, ranked third in the world. The founder of the Sunny King ambitious, said the goal is to go beyond PPCoin bitcoin. A little bit of currency senior players to the “First Financial Daily” reporters Road. Since last October, little coins has doubled 20 times, two each from RMB 40 yuan now risen to more than one. Wright credits are less than 10 days last November time, completed more than 300% increase. In fact, the vast majority of digital currency have experienced or will experience a similar surge in process

Why are they still calling it PPcoin?

Probably it’s my bad.