Ppc btc dependence

ppc doesn’t fluctuate on its own like some other currencies but rather follows exactly the graph of btc as you can see in coincapmarket.

that means that there is no market buying and selling and everyone is holding and the graph is exactly the same with NMC.

everyone agrees that these coins are proven to be of value but noone is using them.

thats not good, max btc will double-triple and so ppc will be like $9 but thats not much of a difference.

is that because there are no merchant or stores that accept ppc?

anyone knows what happened to the kevin rose initiative where he said on the chat that he will be looking to produce some media stuff for ppc and xpm?

Read down in the activist sections. There is a lot of work being done by a group of very dedicated folks to try and get PPC recognition out there. If you are interested in helping please volunpeer :slight_smile:


how can novacoin that is the same as ppc actually worh 8x??

Because there’s only 532,133 NVC, compared to 20,962,060 PPC. What you need to look at is the market cap, which is the total price of all the coins combined . NVC’s wealth is spread between fewer coins. Even with such a high price, Novacoin only reaches a $6,434,401 market cap, compared to Peercoin’s $70,197,414.

Expect this to change in 2014. When Mt Gox adds PPC for example, PPC prices will increase while BTC prices will stay the same.

If you check out coinmarketcap.com, you will notice that this “btc dependence” applies for every other “alt coin” currency except for nextcoin and dogecoin in the top 10 (do I need to comment on these two and the reason for that?). But that’s not a bad thing per se. I assume that there needs to be a widespread acceptance of bitcoin (respectively digital currencies in general) in our society at first, before currencies like peercoin will get the approval they deserve. Peercoin has very strong arguments for being one of the most important (digital) currencies in the future and I am sure it will gain its well-deserved recognition very soon, once digital currencies will be accepted like $ and €.

PPC will play the role as storage of value (like gold)or the “backbone” currency as SK has envisioned it.
BTC choose to compete with Visa/Paypal etc as a means of exchange, which is necessary and fine.
LTC choose to compete with BTC.

BTCE PPC/BTC trade history, (started on 15th July , 2012)

All time low: 0.0012200 @ 15th August, 2012
All time high:0.0519900 @ 28th Nov, 2013

BTCE PPC/BTC trade history (started on 6th April , 2013)

All time low: 0.0010000 BTC @ 22th June, 2013
All time high:0.0089400 BTC @ 29th Nov, 2013

As ppc gains more exposure in the market it shall receive more recognized support from the public, and more trading buying and selling will then take place causing the gain of value for this currency.

Check the 7 days graphs again. It did had its own live. Not really the same as bitcoin or namecoin.