PPC and Ripple Gateways


are there known ripple gateways for exchanging ppc in Ripple?

In any case, I was thinking, also related to the weekly update by Sunny King https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=114994.msg2285638#msg2285638 where announcing a new market place on ppcoin.org , that if a project as Ripple succeds, having a system to exchange hugely and easily ppcoins could happen faster than present exchanges adoption or new exchanges creation and growth.

If this happens, it could further speed off decentralized cryptocurrencies adoption dramatically (not only decentrilized ones, possibly many other particular ones).

If this happens, in a long term perspective (but how much long term is today?), then being PPC a long term energy efficent currency, it will be the right position to be chosen as preferred decentrilzed currency by many diferent users (as individuals or as organizations) and not only because it is “green” but also because of its better stability and security to attacks.

All this just to say that maybe it would be strategicly wise for PPcoin project to care that PPC could be reliabily and easily traded in Ripple. So I go back to the first question:

are there known ripple gateways for exchanging ppc in Ripple? Is there any plan to set up new ones?


The first thing to be tested with the new market on ppcoin.org would be a ripple to ppc market.

I like ripple’s adventure but I think what would happen is a few gateways would become dominant just like the current exchange landscape. So really it wouldn’t reduce bankrupcy risk by much. Not to mention the additional risk associated with fractional reserve practice. A gateway supporting ppc would be nice and I am sure someone would step up to support many altcoins at some point.

What I would focus on would be a traditional marketplace with a good reputation system.

I would agree with your analysis Sunny, expecially about the risks. Anyway at the moment from ppcoin point of view, that’s not adding a problem to present exchanges landascape problems, and for sure would be nice to have ppc exchangable on ripple soon.