PPA for Peerunity 0.2?

So, I think Peerunity 0.2 is a good place to start hosting debian repos on launchpad.

Do you agree?

I’m all for it. What’s the process and hoops that need to be jumped through to set that up?

Looks pretty strait forward:

  1. Register for launchpad.net
  2. Register a team and/or a project.
  3. Upload binaries
  4. Create PPA address.
  5. Profit.

Just a question from a non-dev here. What is the advantage of launchpad over Github and the likes?

Launchpad isn’t just code versioning, and I’m just saiging we switch it it. I just want to use it as a binary distribution system for Debian systems. Debian systems make up a substantial portion of the Linux user base.

There are also the AUR for Arch and a few other systems we can look into as well.

There is repository for ArchLinux, http://peerbox.me/repo/x86_64/

However it is not maintained since there is no users, literally 0 downloads in 5 months.

But yes, we should have repositories for Debian/Ubuntu and ArchLinux so we enable users to use wallet software with ease. Also automatic updates.