POW & redistribution of PPC

A few thoughts on the re-distributive qualities of Peercoin, owing to its keeping of Proof-of-Work alongside Proof-of-Stake, prompted by Jack’s recent article :

I don’t know how to access the PPC rich list historically, but in August 2018, I printed out a copy of the top accounts, thereby enabling a six month comparison with today’s rich list.

August 2018 (addresses abbreviated to last four characters):
Wwr5 (1st place) 7.17%
cosD (2nd) 7.16%
Zd7h (3rd) 3.24%
mYGZ (4th) 2.22%
Nf9E (5th) 2.22%
ifbh (6th) 1.88%
KYC7 (7th) 1.25%
fNhW (8th) 1.24%
Aof6 (9th) 1.22%

Feb 2019
cosD (1st) 7.10%
Wwr5 (2nd place) 7.08%
nikC (3rd) 2.22% (new to top 8, added funds)
Nf9E (4th) 2.19%
ifbh (5th) 1.46% (took funds out)
KYC7 (6th) 1.24%
Zd7h (7rd) 1.22% (took funds out)
Aof6 (8th) 1.20%
583L (9th) 1.15% (new to top 8, added funds)

Some of the addresses are not comparable, as they added funds or took funds out, so removing these from the list, we are left with:

Aug 18 - Wwr5 (1st place) 7.17%
Feb 19 - Wwr5 (2nd place) 7.08% (not minting, no activity since 2016)

Aug 18 - cosD (2nd) 7.16%
Feb 19 - cosD (1st) 7.10% (incoming peercoins, looks like minting)

Aug 18 - Nf9E (5th) 2.22%
Feb 19 - Nf9E (4th) 2.19% (not minting, no activity since 2015)

Aug 18 - KYC7 (7th) 1.25%
Feb 19 - KYC7 (6th) 1.24% (not minting, no activity since late 2017)

Aug 18 - Aof6 (9th) 1.22%
Feb 19 - Aof6 (8th) 1.20% (not minting, no activity since late 2013)

I wonder whether the keys are lost for Nf9E and Aof6, or perhaps they are waiting for cold minting (or perhaps have died). Regardless, all accounts have shrunk in terms of their percentage share of Peercoin.

This is even the case for cosD, which has a steady trickle of new coins. I assume this account is minting regularly. For some reason, this tickle has been decreasing, from dozens each day, to a few each day - I don’t know why this is. But even with these additions, the percentage share has declined.

The decline in the above accounts is about 1% over six months, so that makes 2% a year. If trends continue, we will see the top two accounts decline to 6.99% in another six months’s time. In five years, the top two accounts will be just over 6% each, as opposed to just over 7% now. That is assuming minting and mining trends remain the same.

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